Environmental Remediation & Restoration Services

GGPL has been a leading player in offering advance solutions based Environmental Remediation and Restoration services to many clients. These services are provided to municipal and City Authorities, Industrial townships, Complex material handling and Disposal management entities.

Under these services, Bio-mining of legacy waste and rehabilitation of dumps-sites are a specialized job, which are provided by GGPL. GGPL has successfully executed this type of project for Udaipur Smart City and at present implementing similar project in Tumkuru and other cities.

GGPL is at very advance stage of closing similar contracts in other cities in India. These services are provided to clients interested to explore remediation of existing dumps-sites using bio-mining and remediation approach.

GGPL has expertise in designing, deployment and implementation of Various types of equipment will be used at each step of waste treatment, which has been used at each step of treatment technology. The major equipment that is deployed in the processes like excavation, shredding, screening, air classification and ferrous separation. As per suitability and requirement, appropriate choices of equipment should be made.

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