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Our Double Shaft Shredders with an high volume charging hopper is an high efficiency compact Machines which can process considerable amounts of scrap and waste material with little energy consumption.

The High resistance Blades and the perfect combination of the powerful motors are able to guarantee an high torque to process even more resistant materials, with the lowest energy consumption of the category and able to guarantee very low noise in normal working condition. In case of excessive burdens, the machine temporarily reverses automatically the movement of its blades to prevent energy overloading and unpleasant accidental breakage.

Our Double Shaft Shredders are equipped with Smart Control System that allows to regulate and to control the rotating speed per minutes of the Shafts.

Our Shredding System has been conceived to assure extreme productivity levels, along with stable working conditions, with sturdy materials and solid structures. A list of ordinary accessories are also available, in order to facilitate the loading and the unloading operations like Hoppers, Conveyor Belt, Magnetic Conveyor Belt and customized parts engineered by our flexible technical department.

Our Spare Parts Department is able to supply in shortest time the Blades, the Accessories and all the Components of the Machine.

Our Technical Department is at your disposal to suggest you the Shape, the right Material, th Diameter, the Thickness and the Number of Hooks of the Rotary Blades according the Material that has to be processed.

BLADES: Thickness • Numbers • Shape • High-Quality Steel - HARDOX - C45 - K100

We can also propose The Double Shaft Shredder in fully and powerful Hydraulic Version.


These Single Shaft Shredders are able to shred a wide variety of materials by reducing their volume and preparing them for the following process of the cycle.

Its knives, reinforced with a thermal and chemical carbonitriding treatment, are mounted on the central shaft, made of a special full steel, and they can be used up to 4 times according the 4 faces.

The Shredder Shaft is also equipped with a security and protection system that provide an automatic inversion in case there is excess material in the shredding chamber.

The Material is pushed into the shredding chamber by a powerful Hydraulic Pusher powered by a sturdy piston, controlled by an electronic device, which allows a correct and constant material pushing and a continuous generous flow of Shredded material.

The reinforced structure of the Single Shaft Shark series is able to absorb every kind of shock and it is made to be long-lasting.

This Shredder is specifically designed and manufactured to easily withstand heavy-duty works.

The Coupling System important part of the Machine is able to absorb accidental shock and to save the Gear Box from costly and unpleasant breakage The size of the Output can vary depending on the Grid used. All the grids are made of reinforced steel.


These Massive Granulators are particularly designed and engineered to granulate a wide variety of materials by reducing their volume and preparing them for the following separating process.

Its knives, reinforced with a thermal and chemical carbonitriding treatment, are mounted on the central shaft, made of a special full steel.

The particular concentric free Wheel is able to augment exponentially the Cutting force of the Blades This particular Granulator with its high speed rotation is able to granulate a wide range of materials like Copper Cables, PC Boards, Tires, Wood, Plastic, etc.etc.

The Grid are easily interchangeable in order to achieve the best final output required.

The Granulator Shaft is also equipped with sturdy rectangular blades very easy to change and to regulate The Granulator is equipped with security and protection system that provide a safe Machine System

A powerful Hydraulic Jack, controlled by a manual device, allows to open the Head of the Granulator, for an easy maintenance, Blades Regulation, and regular check of the Granulating Chamber

The harmonious rotation of the Shaft is able to pledge a continuous and generous flow of granulated material. The reinforced structure of the Granulator series is able to absorb every kind of shock and it is made to be long-lasting. This Granulator is specifically designed and manufactured to easily withstand high production daily rate. The size of the Output can vary depending on the Grid used. All the Grids are made of reinforced steel and easily changeable.

Plant Engineering Project Specialists

Our Technical Department is able to settle your Waste Processing Plant to the dimension of the Warehouse or the Scrap Yard available, harmonizing the flow of the Material inside the welcoming Area of the Yard and the Processing Area, and is able to study a perfect flow of the Material that has to be processed in order to optimize the working Cycle of the Plant.

Constant Know-how Improvement.

Our Experienced Technical Department is also able to understand the exigencies of the Customer and after a deep Analysis of the Input Material, of the Quantity to be processed per hour, and of the Final Output Dimension and Quality required our Technicians are ready to propose a 3D Layout of the Project. After the presentation of the Proposal we are ready to listen to the particular experiences of the Customer in order to add his know-how to the Plant and to every Single Machine.

  • - Fully Automatic Complete Plant : Our Plants are totally managed by an Electronic Control Panel that allows to control and regulate all the Parameters of the Installation in a very simple way.
  • - Innovation: a High Tech simple and intuitive Touch Screen allows to control all the Performances of the Plant to keep always under control the output and the daily results.
  • - Powerful System : Always the Best Materials and the Best Components – that gives the big advantage of a Long Lasting and consequently an increased Quantity and Quality of recycled material at the end of the process. The strength of every Plant is the high quality of Material used, that reduce the accidental stops of the Plant and loss of production
  • - Sturdy : the Materials used to build this Installation are high quality materials - Hardened Steel -Cast Iron - Hardox - Termical treatment - Powerful and high efficiency ABB Motors – or similar high quality Motors – Siemens Electronical Components - and all experienced and Innovative Technology are the best garantee of a solid Structure and Effectiveness of the Plant.
  • - Efficiency : Every Recycling System works efficiently with a Combined Action – of the Machines that are fully Synchronized in order to save time and energy consumption and and to give the best output performance.
  • - Excellent Results : the engineering of this System is studied to give the best performance with less energy consumption and allows to achieve the highest Purity of Final Output therefore GGPL is able to pledge the best selling Price ever.
  • - Low Running Costs : with just few workers you can run and control properly the complete Installation.
  • - Safety : Security and Safety rules – in the Systems are installed several Safety Alarms in order to assure the highest security working conditions and are also included numerous Security Instant Stop buttons in order to stop immediately the Plant if some particular condition may occure.

This innovative Recycling Plant GGPL Recycling allows the complete treatment, the shredding, the granulation, the separation, and the recovery of clean materials in order to add Value to every kind of waste even materials with different specific weight.

Recycling Plant GGPL the Reliable Partner in Waste Recycling !

Our Latest Architectural Design Services Projects

Preparation of Architectural, Structural and MEP Shop drawings and getting it approved is one of the major challenge of contractors. We have a team of highly qualified engineers and draftsmen to prepare shop drawings as per the Clients requirement.

We, Conserve solutions provide 2D drawings support for our clients in Architectural, Structural, MEP, Infrastructure and Transportation departments. As we are a Design service provider for Consultants and Design & Build Contractors, we study and execute our drawings with foresight methodology and proper analysis. We support the clients to avoid uncertainties and ensure the overall good health of the project.

Our expert Architectural CAD services will enable:

  • Concept drawings
  • Isometric drawings
  • Issued for Construction drawings
  • Schematic drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Detailed Design drawings
  • P&ID drawings (Plant Rooms in Oil & Gas Sectors)
  • Coordination drawings
  • PDF to CAD Conversion

Our global partnerships keeps us up to date with the design techniques and competitive on costs in mature markets. We provide superior quality, time and cost effective Computer- Aided Designing and Drafting (CADD) Services.

  • Building Design and detailing
  • Interior Design and detailing
  • Elevations and Sections
  • Landscapes
  • Structural Drawings
  • Reinforcement Drawings
  • Standard Details
  • Road Marking & Signage
  • Pavement
  • Road Safety
  • Traffic Signal and Bike/ Cycle/ Pedestrian Tracks
  • Pumping Stations
  • Plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Fire Fighting
  • HVAC
  • Small Power
  • Lighting
  • Fire Alarm
  • Security
  • CCTV
  • ICT
  • Public Address
  • Audio Visual
  • BMS
  • Builder’s Work
  • Coordination
  • Chilled Water
  • Potable Water
  • Foul Water
  • Irrigation
  • Storm Water
  • Surface Water
  • TSE
  • HV & EHV Network
  • MV Network
  • Ooredoo Network
  • Street Lighting
  • Tunnel Lighting
  • Underpass Bridge Lighting
  • Gantry Lighting

We deliver the best solutions for all Engineering and Sustainable services.