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Biomedical and COVID Waste – Collection, Recycling and Disposal Services

GGPL has always chosen a path of improvement over convention. Our uniquely designed and engineered medical waste collection, recycling and disposal services and systems have benchmarked safer healthcare standards globally, and our definition of quality and value has always been judged against the yardstick of the lives we can save.

Our medical waste management services are time-tested to deliver unprecedented results in total cost reduction by aligning your needs, processes, training, and products. We guarantee that we can deliver a far better solution than you currently have.

Importance of Biomedical and Covid Waste Management

According to Biomedical Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2016 of India “A waste that is generated during the medical treatment of living beings or in research purposes or in the production or testing biological” is biomedical waste.

WHO expresses that 85% of hospital wastes are really non-hazardous, though 10% are infectious and 5% are non-infectious yet they are remembered for hazardous wastes. About 15% to 35% of hospital waste is directed as infectious waste. India roughly produces 2 kg/bed/day, and this biomedical waste envelops wastes like an anatomical waste, cytotoxic waste, sharps, which when insufficiently isolated could cause various types of fatal irresistible ailments and furthermore cause interruptions in the earth, and antagonistic effect on biological parity.

Colour Coding System of Biomedical Waste & Covid Waste

Biomedical Waste Management and Handling Rules 2016 specify a proper colour coding system for achieving segregation at source for avoiding infection and exposure. Colour coding basically exists to allow you to easily distinguish the different types of biomedical waste, by sorting them into different categories, each pertaining to a single colour. So, if you want your company to have an efficient waste management system, these really are the basics.

Color coding isn’t there just for your comfort: it also represents the very basic principle that waste doesn’t all go to the same place. Different kinds of waste also mean different of ways of handling them.

Preparation of Architectural, Structural and MEP Shop drawings and getting it approved is one of the major challenge of contractors. We have a team of highly qualified engineers and draftsmen to prepare shop drawings as per the Clients requirement.

We, Conserve solutions provide 2D drawings support for our clients in Architectural, Structural, MEP, Infrastructure and Transportation departments. As we are a Design service provider for Consultants and Design & Build Contractors, we study and execute our drawings with foresight methodology and proper analysis. We support the clients to avoid uncertainties and ensure the overall good health of the project.

Our expert Architectural CAD services will enable:

  • Concept drawings
  • Isometric drawings
  • Issued for Construction drawings
  • Schematic drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Detailed Design drawings
  • P&ID drawings (Plant Rooms in Oil & Gas Sectors)
  • Coordination drawings
  • PDF to CAD Conversion

Our global partnerships keeps us up to date with the design techniques and competitive on costs in mature markets. We provide superior quality, time and cost effective Computer- Aided Designing and Drafting (CADD) Services.

  • Building Design and detailing
  • Interior Design and detailing
  • Elevations and Sections
  • Landscapes
  • Structural Drawings
  • Reinforcement Drawings
  • Standard Details
  • Road Marking & Signage
  • Pavement
  • Road Safety
  • Traffic Signal and Bike/ Cycle/ Pedestrian Tracks
  • Pumping Stations
  • Plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Fire Fighting
  • HVAC
  • Small Power
  • Lighting
  • Fire Alarm
  • Security
  • CCTV
  • ICT
  • Public Address
  • Audio Visual
  • BMS
  • Builder’s Work
  • Coordination
  • Chilled Water
  • Potable Water
  • Foul Water
  • Irrigation
  • Storm Water
  • Surface Water
  • TSE
  • HV & EHV Network
  • MV Network
  • Ooredoo Network
  • Street Lighting
  • Tunnel Lighting
  • Underpass Bridge Lighting
  • Gantry Lighting

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